Saturday, July 27, 2013

Intel® IT/IR SAS

You can download the Windows drivers. After you download the driver, unzip the driver package and install it on your computer,it is safe to use. Intel® IT/IR SAS

Intel® IT/IR SAS 
Nome do arquivo:
Mais recente
10,42 MB
Sistemas operacionais:
Windows 7*, Windows 8*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server 2008 R2*, Windows Server 2008*, Windows Server 2012*, Windows Vista*, Windows XP*
Supported RAID Controllers:
Intel® Integrated RAID modules RMS2LL080 and RMS2LL040
Intel® RAID controller RS25GB008 and RS25FB044
Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB040, RMS25JB080, RMS25KB040, and RMS25KB080, RMS25LB040, and RMS25LB080

Intel® RAID Modules RMS2LL080/040 when inserted in below Intel® Server Boards and Systems:
 - S5520HC / S5520HCV, S5520SC, S5520UR, S5500WB, S3420GPLC, S3420GPLX, and S1200BTL.
Esse download é válido para os produtos a seguir.
Controlador de RAID Intel® RS25FB044
Controladora RAID Intel® RS25GB008
Módulo RAID integrado Intel® RMS25JB040
Módulo RAID integrado Intel® RMS25JB080
Módulo RAID integrado Intel® RMS25KB040
Módulo RAID integrado Intel® RMS25KB080
Módulo RAID integrado Intel® RMS2LL040
Módulo RAID integrado Intel® RMS2LL080

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